Christian Education Resources

Recursos Educativos Cristianos


Por: ©Rev. Dr. José Abraham De Jesús-Rivera

1. To develop philosophy of life; a system of belief and living symbols that give meaning to the fulness of life.
2. To develop values and creative images to guide our life-styles in a constructive way.
3. To have a relationship with and commitment to a loving God that integrates, transform and energize our life.
4. To develop a higher self or soul as the center of our whole being.
5. To renew our basic trust in life in order to maintain hope in the midst of losses and tragedies.
6. To discover ways to move from estrangement and alienation of guilt to the reconciliation of forgiveness and wholeness.
7. To develop ways to undergird self-esteem with an awareness of being deeply valued by God.
8. To have regular moments of transcendence, mystical or "peak experiences" when we experience the eternal in the midst of time.
9. To belong to a community that nurtures us in our spiritual journey and sustain us in time of suffering and tribulation.