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Por: Rev. Dr. José Abraham De Jesús-Rivera


What pastoral counseling and pastoral care can do in a congregation and community:

1. Counseling can help save those areas of our lives that are shipwrecked in the storms of our daily living, broken on the hidden reef of anxiety, guilt and lack of integrity.
2. Effective caring and counseling in a church enables healing and growth, and can transform the interpersonal climate of a congregation, making the church a place where wholeness in nurture.
3. Can contribute to the continuing renewal of a church's vitality by renewing persons, relationships, and groups.
4. Counseling is an instrument of continues renewal through reconciliation.
5. Can allow us to discover fresh and new dimensions of our humanity.
- release creativity
- makes us agents of change

6. Can help us to provide healing and growth;
- creates depth relationships

7. It help us combat interpersonal superficiality.
8. The church can become a place where persons experience transformation.
9. Pastoral care and counseling is a "mid-wife,"--aiding the birth of new life in individuals and in the church.