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Por: ©Rev. Dr. José Abraham De Jesús-Rivera


A. Four facets of pastoral care to suicidal persons:

1. Recognizing suicidal persons.
2. Providing emergency help to detour or to get professional help.
3. Continuing pastoral care to help deal with the underlying causes of suicide.
4. Help the family to deal with the destructive consequences of incomplete or complete suicide.


B. Signs of suicidal behavior:

1. Obvious suicidal threats. All suicidal threats must be taken seriously.
2. Covert suicidal threats, feelings of emptiness and meaningless.
3. Depression, "all deeply depressed people are potentially suicidal."
4. Crushing losses and pathological grief.
5. Psychological disturbances and chronic illnesses.


C. In counseling with suicidal persons always ask for suicidal impulses, fantasies or intentions.


*D. The only time in counseling when you break a confidence entrusted to you is when the life of somebody is in danger, either by suicidal impulses or killing impulses.